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Profildaten: männlich

Alter: 54 Username: enerentbide
Aus: 12689 Berlin Deutschland
Konf.: Freie evangelische Gemeinde (FeG)

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Deine Größe: 180 - 185 cm
Dein Gewicht: 75 - 80 kg
Bist du Raucher? Nein
Hast du Kinder? Nein
Hast du einen eigenen Haushalt? Ja
Beziehungsstatus: geschieden
Höchster Schulabschluss: Abitur/Matura
Beschreibe deine berufliche Tätigkeit: Technischer Produktdesigner
Welche Instrumente kannst du spielen Klavier, Schlagzeug ,
Welche Sprachen sprichst du? Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Russisch
Wer ist Jesus Christus für dich und was bedeutet er dir? Jesus is my Lord and Saviour
Welche Vorstellungen hast du von deinem Partner? Physical attraction may bring people into a relationship but good character and morals keep people in a relationship. I would like to meet a slim, very calm, quiet and sensitive woman who is understanding and faithful. It would be nice if she is a Christian believer.
Was machst du in deiner Freizeit am liebsten? I like fishing, drawing, painting, fitness, listening to soft calm music classical music etc, watching animal and scientific documentaries (with particular interest in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics), going out for a walk in nature. I pray and read the news daily. I am however not a good cook.
Was magst du nicht? Insensitivity
Was möchtest du sonst noch sagen? Hi My name is Ernest and the search for my future wife brought me to this dating site. I am a Christian believer who lives a simple lifestyle by trying to be at peace with myself, with other people and being satisfied with the little things that the Lord God has blessed me with. I believe real happiness is not achieved through material wealth but the best things in life are the simple things. I live a happy life and I love to see other people feeling happy. I have a funny sense of humor and I enjoy the company of people who do cherish such sense of humor. I have the personality of being calm, quiet thinker, patient, sensitive, relaxed, analytical, intellectual, having deep thoughts, avoiding noisy crowds and conflicts, being a good listener and thinking before speaking. I would describe my character as easy going, honest, humble polite, responsible, tolerant, diplomatic, understanding human emotions deeper, perceiving the needs of others, peaceful, morally conservative and very loyal. I am a little bit saposexual.